Writing Links

Here are some websites with tools I’ve found useful when writing:
This is a white noise generator and a great substitute for distracting music.  If you use headphones, it works well to block out noise when you’re writing.
This website gives you 25 minutes of work time and then gives you a 5 minute break.  If you stay true and write for the full 25 minutes and do this three times in a row, the words will really rack up!
You get a word and sixty seconds to write about it.  Go.
If you’re a plotter, check this out.  It’s good for plotting and managing ideas and characters.  Don’t forget to bookmark your cork board!
This website is good for creating outfits for your characters.
If you have writer’s block or need a kick in the pants to get writing, you need writeordie.  My favorite is kamikaze mode with an evil grace period.  If you don’t write, you get to watch the words you’ve already written disappear…
Need a character on the fly?  Check this website out!
Similar to the previous site, this one generates character names as well as names for countries and cities.

I hope you find these links useful!  Have I missed one?  Tell me in the comments.


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