Writing Books





Here are some writing books I think are useful.  If you have a recommendation, please comment and I’ll check it out!


No Plot?  No Problem! is a hilarious and simple guide to NaNoWriMo.  It’s not essential to read if you want to participate in NaNoWriMo, but the advice it offers makes it a worthwhile buy.  I thumb through it every October!

Know a young writer that wants a resource?  Spilling Ink is just that.  I read it, and even if you’re an adult, Spilling Ink takes you back to the basics of writing and doesn’t make it all about publication.  It’s an easy read– and it includes pictures!


I haven’t finished this book yet, but The Productive Writer receives flawless reviews on Amazon.  What I have read talks about making time for writing, defining your personal success, and creating a platform.  This book is all about being successful as a writer, whether that means writing daily or seeing your book in print.

 I have found this book useful in many situations.  The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need really does cover everything from verb tenses to punctuation to exceptions, exceptions, exceptions.  It includes examples, and I’d recommend a quick read-through before you revise or even start a manuscript.


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