Writing Sprees

24 Mar

I apologize for my lack of posting this past week, and also that I can only provide this brief post today!

One of the most crucial things I’ve learned from writing is the value of writing in sprees.  If you set your mind on writing and don’t give into distractions, you can add thousands of words to your work in progress over the course of a single day.  If you don’t have time to hole up in your room hunched over your laptop, sprees can still be a great way to add to your word count.

Just in case you don’t know what a writing spree is, I’ll give you the steps.  It’s super easy, trust me.

  1. Find a couple of hours (twenty minutes at least) in your day or over a weekend that you can devote to a writing spree.  
  2. Set a timer for twenty minutes and allow yourself to do nothing but write for that entire time.
  3. Once you’ve finished your twenty minutes, spend ten minutes doing something you’d like to do.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice more, and then give yourself at least an hour-long break.
  5. You can come back and repeat the whole process again after your break to add even more words to your work in progress.
  6. Once again, if you don’t have a lot of time to spare for writing, just dedicate yourself to writing for as long as you can.  Once again, do not give in to distractions!  That is the key to succeeding.

Over one weekend I’ve used writing sprees to add around 10,000 words to my novel.  You might find that you can write a lot more than that, or maybe you don’t even come close.  What matters is that you’re dedicated and adding words to your work in progress.

Writing in sprees,
Katarina Madden <– I find that using this website can help you keep track of your writing.  It also helps keep you on track.  Instead of twenty minutes, which I find that I prefer, it gives you 25 and 5 minutes for a break.  You can adjust the break time, but I think the work time isn’t so flexible.

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